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My website came into being because of my desire to connect with and encourage others who have gone through situations like myself : ongoing trials and living with trauma on a daily basis.  It not only focuses on encouraging people, but helping us work together in refining our character as we go through these rough times.

The blog posts category shows all blog posts from the beginning to the present.  If you want to just go to a specific category, then I have separated each blog post category into their own pages: devotions, poetry, recipes, and diy home decorating.  The books and book discussion video pages are not a part of the blog posts.

We are all able to feel God and experience therapeutic healing in different ways: The recipes serve to help you figure out simple meals to cook.  The devotions and poetry serve as healing and meditative subjects for the week, and the books and book discussions also serve as an extension of our site.

The diy home decorating section came out of a desire to help woman like myself, who have been through trauma, live on a tight income, and are forced to start over rebuilding the furniture pieces in their home.  What I have found is that there is a lack of knowledge of where to purchase inexpensive items, what organizations offer for furniture for free or at discounted prices, and how to decorate your homes with these pieces.

The three words that come to mind are: simple, functional, and grace-filled.  What I have noticed over the years, particularly when my kids were little, is that my home was more like a museum.  Certain areas of the house was off limits.  There is nothing wrong with having special rooms for company.  In my case, it was way overkill.  When the kids had company over, I was constantly reminding them of making sure that their friends were careful.  I walked around afraid of things getting broken all the time.

I believe that God wants us to enjoy the things that he has blessed us with.  This was not enjoyment.  When our home is filled with things that are too complex, or high-maintenance, there is more time involved in the upkeep, dread when people come over to fellowship, and then dread when they leave and we have to clean up.  We all have our definition of simple.  I like to think of simple as not an all-consuming focus on things, and more about relationships.

As a bonus to you, if you check out my book discussion videos page, which we will post on every week, my “Valley of Grace” theme song is also featured.

I am so blessed to have the Valley of Grace Blog Shopify store.  You can now buy merchandise here on the blog in VOG Products to serve as a reminder for whether we are at work or play: simple, functional, grace-filled living is for everyday, our valleys don’t define us, and God hasn’t forgotten about us.  What better way than to get everyone else on board! Once a month, we will have a drawing and give away free merchandise with my logo on it.


When you sign up for my site, you will automatically receive a welcome email with a link to download my four kitchen printables.  I love displaying printables, signs, and wall art on my refrigerator and corkboard in the kitchen to serve as constant reminders that I am not walking this road alone.  These sayings and scriptures also keep me grounded in the truth.


I am starting a new weekly series on Fridays called “Healing”, and am currently looking for women who are interested in sharing their testimony/life story about how God rescued them, transformed their lives, and how they are doing on their road to healing.  This can include traumatic, abusive, addictions, trials, and any other situations that you have gone through.  If you are interested, please email me your story at thorton479@gmail.com.  I will need to reserve a year’s worth of spots. (52)



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