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Valley of Grace, Timothy Horton,,  Timothy Horton Musician and Songwriter
Valley of Grace

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PTSD, trauma, self-worth, identity

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This book is meant to give encouragement, and break the stigma and shame for people who have been and currently are dealing with PTSD and trauma on a daily basis. It gives permission in getting the help that you need in order to recover from the devastation and brokenness that caused your identity and self-worth to be trampled on and stolen in the first place.


valley of grace, katina horton

valley of grace, katina horton

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What happens when our valley meets God's abundance of grace? The possibilities are endless. God gives us a front row seat to being refined for maturity in him, and fulfillment of our calling. There are no special qualifications. We only need a willing heart to answer the call to use what God has given us for his glory. This book has devotionals and poetry to help encourage you in the roughest times, see the power of the Holy Spirit, and know beyond a shadow of a doubt that God has not forgotten about you. Throughout this book, you are also given home organizational tips of how you can live a simple, functional, and grace-filled life, even when you're in the midst of the valley.




The journey, katina horton, God's Grace, Mercy, Blessings, trauma, divorce, faith, trials

The journey, katina horton, God's Grace, Mercy, Blessings, trauma, divorce, faith, trials

The Journey: Walking in God’s Grace, Mercy, and Blessings-Tax and Shipping Cost Included

This is a story of faith in God that started at a young age. It is a story of trials, tribulations, and triumph. It is a story of what happens when trauma and divorce meets. It gives inspiration to women that they can indeed regain their identity in Christ, and live the abundant life as God promised. It shows us that the journey of walking in God's grace and healing is not always what we would imagine.