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If this Commander fails during the warranty period, carefully pack the item in the original carton, Modfl with the dated sales receipt, and return to: Atlas DCC Warranty, Sweetland Avenue, Hillside, NJ.

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Hence, you can run a number of locomotives independently with different speeds and directions Railroas the same Atlas Model Railroad Dcc. Although Atlas Model Railroad Dcc probably will Atkas need some blocks called power districts in DCC to isolate sections of your layout from shorts, there are likely to be many fewer DCC power districts than there were DC blocks.

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Railtoad sometimes scorned by electrical purists, Atlas electrical components have allowed many modelers to wire complex layouts Atlas Model Railroad Atlas Model Railroad Dcc a sort of paint-by-numbers approach. Indeed, as if to drive that point home, the instruction book for the new DCC system even suggests using a Selector to control the programming track. To the right of the L, the engine direction is indicated: a dot at the top for forward, a dot at the bottom for reverse.

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